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Rig components part (3)


Wedge-shaped pieces of metal with teeth or other gripping
elements that are used to prevent pipe from slipping down
into the hole or to hold pipe in place. Rotary slips fit
around the drill pipe and wedge against the master
bushing to support the pipe. Power slips are pneumatically
or hydraulically actuated devices that allow the crew to
dispense with the manual handling of slips when making a
connection. Packers and other down hole equipment are
secured in position by slips that engage the pipe by action
directed at the surface.

Spinning Chain

A relatively short length of chain attached to the tong pull
chain on the manual tongs used to make up drill pipe. The
spinning chain is attached to the pull chain so that a crew
member can wrap the spinning chain several times around
the tool joint box of a joint of drill pipe suspended in the
rotary table. After crew members stab the pin of another
tool joint into the box end, one of them then grasps the
end of the spinning chain and with a rapid upward motion
of the wrist "throws the spinning chain"—that is, causes it to unwrap from the box and coil upward onto the body of
the joint stabbed into the box. The driller then actuates
the makeup cathead to pull the chain off of the pipe body,
which causes the pipe to spin and thus the pin threads to
spin into the box. 


Stairs leading from one level to another. Protected with


A vertical pipe rising along the side of the derrick or mast.
It joins the discharge line leading from the mud pump to
the rotary hose and through which mud is pumped going
into the hole.


The foundation on which the derrick or mast and usually
the drawworks sit; contains space for storage and well
control equipment.

Surface Casing

Usually the first casing to be run in a well. This is done
after spudding-in so a blowout preventer can be installed
before drilling is started. 


A rotary tool that is hung from the rotary hook and
traveling block to suspend and permit free rotation of the
drill stem. It also provides a connection for the rotary hose
and a passageway for the flow of drilling fluid into the drill


The large wrenches used for turning when making up or
breaking out drill pipe, casing, tubing, or other pipe;
variously called casing tongs, rotary tongs, and so forth
according to the specific use. Power tongs are pneumatically or hydraulically operated tools that spin the
pipe up and, in some instances, apply the final makeup

Top Drive

The top drive rotates the drill string end bit without the
use of a kelly and rotary table. The top drive is operated
from a control console on the rig floor.

Traveling Block

An arrangement of pulleys or sheaves through which
drilling cable is reeved, which moves up or down in the
derrick or mast.


An area cleared for moving through by personnel and
protected with a handrail.

Water Tank

Is used to store water that is used for mud mixing,
cementing, and rig cleaning.

Weight Indicator

A device for measuring the weight of the drill string.
Monthly calibration to calculated drill string weight is
required by API.

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